Free Live Forex News & Economic Data Feed

Free Live Forex News & Economic Data Feed

Have you ever wanted access to the live streaming Forex news feeds the the big-boy traders use? Unfortunately people like me and you cannot afford to pay several thousand dollars each month to Reuters or Bloomberg for live news feeds. That is where companies like come in. For a tiny fee they deliver via a voice feed and a written feed the latest Forex specific financial news.

How Do They Do It?

They buy a Reuters feed and read out the news as Reuters deliver it. Reuters delivers news extremely fast and they deliver economic indicator numbers the instant they come out. So when an important economic indicator such as the NFP is released you will get the numbers as fast as the people at can read it from the Reuters feed. This means that for a small fee a month you get access to what is essentially a Reuters feed with a 1 second delay.

Free Live Forex News

Who wants to pay though? Even though it is a small feeā€¦.. a fee is a fee!

Well I have got my hands on a link to a site that streams the feed for FREE. Most likely this will not last forever but you may as well make use of it as long as it lasts.

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