How To Make Time For Forex

How To Make Time For Forex

Finding Time for Forex

Do you have 30 minutes a day you can spend on learning how to read charts, or learning a strategy? You might think you don’t, but I will show you that you do. If you’re a commuter, you’re the lucky one!

The time spent on the train, the bus or the tram is the perfect time to learn. Most people use that time to listen to a podcast or maybe read a book, but if you are interested in learning forex, you can easily set aside this time to focus on forex for a little while.

As we’ve mentioned before, you won’t need a lot of time to learn. Once you’ve done the work you can go back to reading your books or listening to your podcasts! If you’re not a commuter it might seem like you really do not have the time.

No worries! Here’s a handy little trick for you : keep a time diary. For a week or two, divide your days up into time blocks and write down what you did for each hour

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