Plan for Trading these Market Conditions

Plan for Trading these Market Conditions

Now we know what we can expect to see from the market, we should use setups that take advantage of these conditions.

Expect trends, so focus on trend following setups.

You can expect ranges, particularly on cross-pairs, so use setups that complement range trading.

Volatility in 2019 will also likely be lower. This means you will take on less risk through counter-trend trading. Safe counter-trend trading is another opportunity you should jump on!

However, because of the lower volatility, you can expect price to be slower at hitting your targets. So when trading in 2019, let your trades develop and shy away from exiting too early.

Lastly, part of our plan for trading in these market conditions is being aware of the political spectrum. This allows for no surprises, or at least a reduction in their impact.

U.S. re-election, Brexit, U.S. government shutdown – big events like these may increase volatility temporarily so you must keep these in your mind when trading.

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